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Volvo Power Steering Racks Exchanged

17 Mar, 09

Volvo Power Steering Racks Exchanged

Volvo 740 C70 S70 V70 Power Steering Rack & Pinion + Bracket Repairs ServicesThere are many common faults which arise in all the power steering rack & pinions across the Volvo range, including the 740, V70, S70, C70 and so on.. The most common of problems include:

  • Leaking From Top Pinion Seal
  • Leaking Out The Gaitors (Rubber Boots)
  • Play Internally Within The Rack
  • Play In The Ball Joints
  • Broken / Snapped Mounting Brackets

Of course we can remanufacture all Volvo steering racks and above are just some of the common faults our customers are faced with and what we’re presented with on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, we can even repair/replace any track rods which are bent or damaged so if you think you may need one, give us a call to find out more.

In regards to broken / snapped mounting brackets on the Volvo power steering racks, it is a very common fault and in which situation we are able to weld the brackets back on to the rack “Without damaging the rack!” – This is not something that should be attempted by your local garage, we are specialists in what we do and it takes more than 30 Yrs of welding experience to weld these brackets successfully without damaging the internals of the Rack & Pinion.

If you have a power steering unit with any of the faults above or any other faults for that matter, call us today on 08712 88 44 80.

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