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Very Light Volvo Steering Or Lighter One-Way

16 Apr, 09

Very Light Volvo Steering Or Lighter One-Way

Volvo 820, 825 and other models with one-way very light steering problems.

It’s quite common on some of the Volvo’s that the steering becomes lighter than usual, in some cases only one-way.. the opposite way can still feel normal. Most frequently, drivers of the Volvo 820 & 825’s experience this problem and are advised by others to change their pumps but this is not necessarily the case.

The power steering pump only pumps fluid around the system, it is not dependant on which way you turn the wheel and so if the problem exists only one-way, you can rule out a pump problem.

The volvo’s common extremely light steering problem is due to problems within the rack and a simple replacement of seals and o-rings will not rectify this fault. The rack requires specialist repairs to ensure that the problem is permanently fixed. Most people would advise of a new unit which is very costly, or even a replacement unit (second hand) but what’s to say that won’t go wrong 3 months down the line when it’s out of warranty?

We have qualified engineers on site able to carry out successful repairs on these racks saving you a lot of money. We use new genuine OEM components when repairing Volvo steering racks to ensure each rebuilt unit will meet & exceed OE specification. All repaired steering racks will come with our 2 Year warranty

But our services do not stop there, due to popular demand we now have these units in stock, on the shelf and ready to exchange. We also offer a free collect/return service dependant on your location and will even collect your vehicle to carry out the removal/installation of your unit for you if you would like us to do so.

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