03 May, 19

Common Steering Column Problems

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When we think of important systems in our vehicle, we usually think of the engine system, the transmission, fuel system and braking system. However, we forget what actually allows us to manoeuvre our vehicle’s tyres in whichever direction we want… the hydraulic steering system! We’re not just talking about the steering wheel, but the mechanisms that hide behind the scenes too, specifically the steering column. What Is Its Purpose? Without a doubt, the steering column is one of the sturdiest…

05 Mar, 19

Everything You Need to Know About Tyre Rotation

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how to rotate my tyres

In order to increase the performance and lifespan of your tyres, a regular rotation of the tyres is necessary. Think about this, your tyres are the only parts of your vehicle in contact with the ground, thus there is constant friction. The constant friction, in addition to the vehicle being driven in all weather conditions and different road surfaces, causes different effects on your tyre condition. Of course, there are more contributing factors and tyres have to be in tip-top…

12 Feb, 19

Power Steering Leak: Can I Still Drive My Car?

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power steering fluid leakage

Ever notice a tiny leak mysteriously coming from the bottom of your vehicle? Or that you’re suddenly having a much harder time steering your car no matter what speed you're at or the road you’re on? If you’ve noticed any of these two signs, then it’s likely that you might be dealing with a power steering leak. It is important to understand that while a power steering leak is not an urgent problem, it is still one that can lead…

06 Feb, 19

The Advancement of Power Steering Systems

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Power Steering Technology

Since the 1950s, power steering has been making life easier for drivers. Without it, drivers would have to exert hulk strength in order to steer, especially when driving at a slow speed, however, these systems provide a simpler way for drivers to steer their vehicles without much effort. From complicated pulleys to the electronic steering system that many of us are familiar with today, these systems have become more advanced with time. Hydraulic A hydraulic power steering system adds pressure…

23 Jan, 19

Ford Recalls 1.4 Million Vehicles For Steering Wheel Issues: Is Your Car Amongst These?

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Know if your vehicle is part of a recall

A product recall is a request to return a product after a safety issue or defect has been found that could be dangerous. Hearing about recall reports may trigger an 'I wish I never experience that type of bad luck' moment. however, as you all know, life doesn't always work out the way we want it to. Of course, it's disheartening finding out you've got a defective part in your car, but after receiving a recall report, you should feel…

06 Sep, 18

Electric Power Steering Guide

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Electric power steering (EPS) is a prime example of the evolution of the automotive industry and how there is a slow transition from classic hydraulics to electrics. But have you thought about the reasons why this transition is occurring? One important reason is increased fuel efficiency. This is due to the exclusion of the power steering pump from the steering system. As the pump can use up to 10 horsepower under load, with the removal of this pressure on the…