23 Sep, 19

The Causes Of Your Car Pulling To One Side

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Is there anything more annoying than driving your vehicle and having it constantly pull to one side? Not only is it distracting, but also unsafe, as it's harder to maintain control of your car. You end up being more focused on keeping the steering wheel straight than keeping your undivided attention on the road. It will also affect your tyres. When your vehicle is pulling to one side, there could be a range of problems that are causing it. We…

13 Sep, 19

Diagnosing Electric Power Steering System Issues

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As the automotive industry is evolving, more vehicles are shifting from the traditional hydraulic power steering systems to electric power steering (EPS). This is not to be mistaken with the electro-hydraulic system; a hybrid of both systems, where a hydraulic pump is powered by an electric motor. So, how do EPS systems work? Here is a little summary. Different sensors detect the input from the driver (torque, speed, position) and all this information is sent to the electric control unit…

01 Sep, 19

Symptoms & Causes Of Engine Overheating

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Internal combustion engines tend to generate a lot of heat as they are operating, so cooling techniques are necessary to avoid damage being caused. While an engine is running, there are two ways in which it cools down and sometimes these can fail, causing the engine to overheat. One cooling technique is that the engine is exposed to coolant fluid, also known as engine coolant and antifreeze. This fluid is specially formulated to regulate and cool down the temperature and…

25 Aug, 19

MOT Testing Guide – Tips On How To Prepare For It!

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If you own a vehicle, MOT tests are part of the regular responsibilities you will have, just like road tax, insurance, and servicing. An MOT test’s purpose is to check whether your vehicle is safe to drive on the road and they should only be carried out at an authorised MOT centre, or a local council test centre. If you want to get the desired MOT test results (a pass), you need to ensure your vehicle is maintained properly. Why…

16 Aug, 19

Steering Feels Loose – What Are The Causes?

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When you’re driving with a loose steering wheel, not only does it make you feel like you don't have full control of the vehicle, but it also makes you a hazard on the road. Your steering wheel controls the car’s direction and wheel movement, therefore, if your steering system is not fully responsive, it can be dangerous. Imagine you’re travelling down some winding roads and you cannot accurately determine what position your wheels are in, there’s a higher risk of…

05 Aug, 19

What Are Common Bad Wheel Bearing Symptoms?

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What Is A Wheel Bearing? Any vehicle that has wheels will have wheel bearings, such as bicycles, aeroplanes and even boats. They consist of a group of steel balls attached to a metal ring, which is located on a metal axle shaft. The axle is positioned inside the wheel hub, which is the mounting assembly for the wheel of the vehicle and this hub also houses the lugs nuts that are used to bolt the tyre to the wheel. When…