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Toyota Avensis Verso Steering Rack Bush Kits

24 Nov, 14

Toyota Avensis Verso Steering Rack Bush Kits

Toyota Avensis Verso Steering Rack Bush KitToyota Avensis Verso Steering Rack Mounting Bush Problems
The Toyota Avensis Verso power steering rack from 2001 – 2010 is a very common failing part and the most common type of failure we see with this steering rack unit is the mounting bushes failing. When the mounting bushes become worn and fail, the steering rack will have excessive play and you will get a knocking sound from where the rack is knocking on the cross member.

This is an instant MOT failure and unfortunately the bushes are not available from any parts factors or even from the dealers direct. Dealerships will only supply a new replacement steering rack at over £1000+ with a limited 12 month warranty.

My Steering Rack Bushes Have Failed – How Can Power Steering Services Help?
We custom manufacture solid metal replacement steering rack bush kits and guarantee the uprated bushes will not fail. The replacement bushes will need to be pressed into the racks mounting holes and although we can supply these bushes to customers, we recommend having the steering rack in our workshop so that one of our experienced steering specialists can fit them.

Whilst we have your steering rack in our workshop, we can fully bench test it to ensure there are no other issues and if required, we can strip & rebuild the rack at the same time. This way, the complete rack will then be returned with a full 2 year warranty.

If your steering rack mounting bushes have failed and knocking, give us a call on 0208 853 3343

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