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Renault Megane / Scenic Power Steering Pump Leak

10 Mar, 09

Renault Megane / Scenic Power Steering Pump Leak

Renault Scenic Megane Laguna Power Steering Pump Failure LeakingThere are commonly two types of power steering pumps on the Renault Megane’s, Scenic’s and Laguna’s:

  • Aluminum Pump
  • Cast Iron Pump

It is a common problem for them to leak but more common on the aluminium types because the back plates fail under pressure which causes complete loss of power steering making it go heavy and loss of power steering hydraulic oil.

A simple rebuild is not adequate to repair these units successfully. If the pump is not correctly machined it will fail again over time if not instantly.

We have qualified engineers on site to re-machine these pumps correctly so that the problem factors are eliminated to ensure that the power steering pump will not fail again.

We offer a full 2 year warranty giving our customers complete peace of mind that when giving us your units to rebuild, they are built to the highest standards of quality.

We also have these pumps on the shelf ready to exchange same day so if you are in need of one, give us a call on 0208 853 3343 today. Our rates are most competitive!

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