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Genuine BMW LUK Flat Back Pumps In Stock

28 Jul, 09

Genuine BMW LUK Flat Back Pumps In Stock

Genuine BMW Flat Back LUK Power Steering Pump In StockThe BMW Flat Back type LUK power steering pump is one we keep in stock ready on the shelf for dispatch. We sell 100’s of these and are able to sell them NEW and Remanufactured at a very affordable price.

The corresponding part numbers for the genuine LUK (Flat-Back) power steering pumps are as follows:

LUK Part Number – 541006910
BMW Part Number – 32411092433

When the LUK Flatback pump fails, you may experience one or more of the following effects:

  • Complete loss of power steering
  • Loss of power steering at low revs / idle
  • Power steering regains power when revving up
  • Noisy power steering pump (grinding/screeching)

If you find your power steering feels heavy one way or heavier one way then the other then this problem may not be the pump. The pump’s job is simply to pump fluid around the power steering system at high pressure (it is not dependant on which way you turn the wheel) so this should not be a factor at all. The rack, however, can affect how heavy the steering is one way, so if your steering feels heavy one way, then chances are the problem is within your rack.

The most common problem on the flat back type LUK pump for the BMW is that it loses pressure due to internal wear of the moving parts which is very similar to the problems that occur on a domed shape LUK pump which is also for a BMW, however, saying that.. the problems occur more commonly on a domed shape pump than on the flat backs.

When we say flat or domed shape, we are referring to the back plate of the pump.

LUK Genuine Flat Back Power Steering Pump For BMWThey do of course have other issues from general wear and tear over the years such as leaking from the back plate and behind the pulley boss. Due to the high demand on these pumps, we keep remanufactured ones in stock and also brand new genuine units which surprisingly will not cost you a lot from us and you’ll still get a full 2 years international warranty with your purchase.

This means your warranty will cover you whichever country you are in and at no extra cost!

If you’re unsure of which type of pump your BMW has or you’re unable to match yours up with one from our picture then give us a call as we may be able to bring both types out to match. The domed shape pump was fitted to most BMW’s after 2000/2001 and the flat back power steering pump was fitted to most BMW’s pre-2001. Early BMW’s had a different style of steering pump on them and we carry those in stock too.

For more information on the LUK BMW pumps, please call us on 0208 853 3343 today!

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