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Citroen C1 Electric Power Steering (EPS) Column / Motor Repairs

12 Mar, 17

Citroen C1 Electric Power Steering (EPS) Column / Motor Repairs

Citroen C1 Electric Power Steering Column Faults

If you’ve been experiencing the steering light illuminated on your dash, loss of power when idling, or even heavy steering in one direction, your Citroen C1 electric steering column may be faulty.

The Citroen C1 uses a modern Electric Power Steering (EPS) system which consists of an electric power steering column. Mounted with a motor + ECU, the column is coded to the vehicle and sits behind the steering wheel from where it connects to a manual steering rack at the pinion shaft. Besides the above, there are many other common faults found with this unit which can be troublesome to diagnose and repair.

Common Faults found on the Citroen C1 Electric Steering Column

If your Citroen C1 is suffering from a faulty electric steering column, as mentioned above, you will start to notice a number of faults appearing either intermittently or constantly. These can include the following:

  • Steering Light on Dash
  • Steering Fault Codes Logged
  • Loss of Power (When Idling & Whilst Revving)
  • Heavy Steering (Sometimes just one way, or both ways)
  • Knocking Sound from Steering
  • Excessive Play in Steering

If these symptoms sound familiar, it is most likely that you have a faulty steering column on your Citroen C1. Depending on where you go, this can be a costly repair and some dealerships and garages may also advise that a repair is not possible, or it will do so at a very high cost. The problem with going with a new replacement unit, however, works out to be very expensive with only a standard 12- month warranty, and then the coding required to program the unit to your vehicle incurs an extra cost. The alternative option would be to purchase a second-hand unit but again, this only comes with a limited 30-day warranty and will also require re-programming to your vehicle to overwrite the vehicle data stored in the memory.

How can Power Steering Services help with my Faulty Citroen C1 Electric Steering Column?

Power Steering Services are able to bench test and repair almost any faults found with the Citroen C1 Electric Steering Column. Throughout the rebuilding process of your unit, only genuine OEM components are used and we also upgrade any other failing components to not only enhance your current unit but also to strengthen the repairs and eliminate known weaknesses. You can rest assured that your rebuilt unit will meet & exceed OE specifications and the repaired steering column will be returned to you with a Lifetime Warranty, as well as being fully plug-and-play, meaning no programming is required when refitting to your vehicle.

We also offer professional fitting services if required. 

If you’re having problems with your Citroen C1 Electric Steering Column, give Power Steering Services a call today on 0208 853 3343.

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