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BMW 3 Series (E36) Power Steering Problems – Racks & Pumps

10 Mar, 14

BMW 3 Series (E36) Power Steering Problems – Racks & Pumps

BMW E36 Power Steering RepairsThe BMW 3-Series (E36) uses a conventional fully hydraulic power steering system. The power steering system consists of a hydrulic power steering rack, pump and hoses. There is a high pressure hose connecting the pump to the rack and a low pressure return hose from the rack back to the power steering reservoir to recirculate the fluid.

We rebuild all types of power steering units, using new genuine OEM components to ensure all of our rebuilt power steering units meet & exceed OE specification. We stock some of the most common failing power steering parts and offer a fast turnaround when repairing your own unit. All of our power steering repairs come with a 2 year warranty and fitting services are available.

Common BMW E36 Power Steering Pump Failures

  • Leaking / Loss of Oil
  • Whining
  • Heavy Steering (Either Way)
  • Loss of Power (When Idling)
  • Loss of Power (When Idling & Whilst Revving)


Common BMW E36 Power Steering Rack Failures

  • Leaking / Loss of Oil
  • Loss of Power (When Idling & Whilst Revving)
  • Heavy Steering (Either way)
  • Heavy Steering (One-Way)
  • Knocking From Steering
  • Excessive Play in Steering Wheel
  • Excessive Play in Track-Rod Arms

If you’re unsure which part of the power steering system is causing you problems, we do offer free impartial advice and being the first steering remanufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves for the extensive knowledge we have in steering systems. We also offer a professional diagnostic and fitting service if required.

Below you can see the common BMW E36 power steering units we rebuild in our workshop. If your vehicle is not listed or you’re unsure then give us a call on 0208 853 334 and we’d be happy to assist you.

BMW 316i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318 TDS (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318 TDS Compact (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 318is (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 320i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 320i 24V (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 323i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 325 TD (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 325 TDS (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 325i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW 328i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 3.0 (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 3.2i (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
BMW M3 3.2i Coupe (E36) £POA£POAAvailable2 Year - Lifetime
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