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20 Jul, 13

Remanufactured Turbochargers

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Turbo chargers can significantly increase the ratio of power to weight of an engine and explosively increase the power of which your engine kicks out. This is called a "forced induction system" and typically works by compressing the air flowing into the engine. The advantage of this that by compressing the air, you are allowing more air to pass through at any given time and thus by doing so, allowing the engine to mix in more fuel to match the…

18 Mar, 09

Garrett GT28/R Turbo Charger Common Faults Incl. Leaking + Smoking

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We can repair all types of turbo charger units, for an instant quote simply give us a call on 08712 88 44 80 today. Below we give advice and information to help protect you and your turbo chargers for the future along with common failures. Quite often the widely available GT28 Garrett turbo charger units are failing on vehicles, which 9/10 times is due to their respective owners not knowing how to effectively take care of a turbocharger unit, however,…