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Garrett GT28/R Turbo Charger Common Faults Incl. Leaking + Smoking

18 Mar, 09

Garrett GT28/R Turbo Charger Common Faults Incl. Leaking + Smoking

Garrett GT28 GT28R turbocharger unit rebuild & exchange servicesWe can repair all types of turbo charger units, for an instant quote simply give us a call on 08712 88 44 80 today. Below we give advice and information to help protect you and your turbo chargers for the future along with common failures.

Quite often the widely available GT28 Garrett turbo charger units are failing on vehicles, which 9/10 times is due to their respective owners not knowing how to effectively take care of a turbocharger unit, however, it is possible for turbochargers to fail due to wear & tear. Below we describe a few possible causes of failure.

When the engine is cold, the oil is thick and so will not get around the mechanical components i.e. the turbo charger quick enough to protect it effectively. – You need to give the turbo charger time to become fully lubricated before allowing it to spool up.

When the turbo charger has spooled up and the turbine is spinning in tune with your acceleration, all is good. When you release the accelerator, pressure will begin immediately building up within the turbo charger housing. This will cause the turbo charger to slow down, stop or even “reverse” it’s spinning motion. The reversal is called a “back-spin” and as you can imagine, is not healthy at all for a turbo charger unit.

To eliminate back spin we suggest using a BOV (blow off valve) with your turbo charged vehicles if it is not already fitted with a factory unit.

Another way back spin is caused is when you do not allow your turbo charger enough time to cool down before switching the vehicle off. When you’ve had a long run and the turbo was spooled up for some time, the impeller(s) are spinning at very fast rpm, you must give the turbine time to slow down gradually and simultaneously cool down – but if you switch your engine off immediately, you risk damaging the turbo charger or at least reducing the life expectancy of the turbo charger unit.

When a turbo charger fails, you can expect to notice any of the following effects:

  • Loss Of Power
  • Leaking Oil Into The Intercooler / Inlet Manifold
  • Whining Noise
  • Blue Smoke (Oil Seals)
  • Black Smoke (Burning Fuel)
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption (Look for black smoke)
  • Excessive Play In Shaft
  • Damaged Shaft / Turbine Blades

Whatever the problem with your Garrett turbo charger unit, rest assured we can rebuild it OE standards using only OE Specification replacement parts. We not only remanufacture Garrett turbo chargers, we do all other types of turbo’s as well but you must call us with your part numbers prior to sending your unit in as prices do vary.

For an instant quote, give us a call today on 08712 88 44 90.

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