06 Sep, 18

Electric Power Steering Guide

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Electric power steering (EPS) is a prime example of the evolution of the automotive industry and how there is a slow transition from classic hydraulics to electrics. But have you thought about the reasons why this transition is occurring? One important reason is increased fuel efficiency. This is due to the exclusion of the power steering pump from the steering system. As the pump can use up to 10 horsepower under load, with the removal of this pressure on the…

24 Jul, 18

Power Steering Pump Whining Noises

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Have you ever been casually cruising down a street, enjoying the silence in your car as opposed to the usual blasting of the radio, when your vehicle suddenly lets out a long whine? In turn, you’ve let out a loud groan because you know when your vehicle makes a noise like that, it can’t be good news! Well, to narrow down the bad news, this whine can usually be recognised as a power steering pump noise. You’ll only hear this…

05 Jul, 18

Bad Steering Rack: Signs To Look Out For!

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When you’re driving, you tend to know how your steering should feel, so if you notice anything off with it, any signs that there may be a fault in the power steering system, or specifically an issue with the steering rack, it can be quite worrying. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy diagnosis when it comes to figuring out the root cause of your steering problem, as there are quite a few components that could be the culprit. So how can…

05 Jun, 18

How To: Check The Level Of Your Power Steering Fluid

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Now let’s be straight here, power steering is like our silent saviour when driving… who wants to be fighting with a steering wheel every time you need to turn a corner or park? So, unless you want to be doing arm day, well… everyday, then you should do well in treating our silent hero with respect, by keeping on top of its maintenance! So, we’re here to tell you how and why you need to be a watchful guardian to…

09 May, 18

Power Steering: Common Problems & How To Fix Them!

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Imagine a car without power steering! Let’s just say, you’d never miss arm day. Power steering is designed to make steering swift and easy, with a hydraulic system that allows pressure to build up every time you turn the wheel, and then this pressure is used to push the tyres in the direction you’re turning. Unlike other systems in the car, you are always connected with the steering wheel, so it is understandable why a problem with the power steering…

20 Apr, 18

Common Suspension Problems & How To Spot Them!

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Suspension Problems

Roads are lined with endless bumps and cracks, and these are putting pressure on your suspension system. It’s the duty of your suspension to make your drive a smooth and steady one, but if you begin to notice that you have a rough ride, then you may need to consider having your suspension checked out. However, before you run to a mechanic, there are some signs to look out for, that will tell you whether or not your suspension is…